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Save My Soul: REDRAWN by Sedillio
Save My Soul: REDRAWN
Could it be??! Is it really??!!! Oh my gosh, yes it is!!!! It is an actually piece of real art from me in months! D: I'm so terrible about having the patience to do real complicated detailed stuff. However, this is something I've been wanting to redraw for quite some time. You guys might have remembered this old art here: 

I Was Bitten by Sedillio

Not as much blood this time around but it suites the story better. You all liked the old one so much and now that I'm gaining skills, I wanted show you all how I've hopefully improved in the past two years. :D I've been working on and off of this for about 3 weeks now and I'm glad it's done. And you can all see how I've masterfully avoided drawing the hands this time! XD Lmao! They are the reason it's taken so freaking long so finally I was like "I'll just shove them in the sand." I definitely need to work on practicing hands again, so weird because I could draw them 2 years ago. lol XD Oh well, I hope it looks okay. I really love the looks of the werewolves in the latest Van Helsing movie, they just look so fierce and monstrous so I chose to go with that anatomy rather than your typical looking furry human body, normal faced, big feet werewolves. lol XD She finally has a name to... Riley. C: 

Since you guys have been so patient over the years I won't leave you hanging this time, here is a little exert from the story:

I wandered through the canyon floor, barley able to see anything. My vision was clouded and I was trapped within the rocky walls, the recent rain took any scents I could use away in the flood waters. All I could smell was the sicking stench of my own blood as I staggered along the sandy riverbed. Blood poured from my mouth, like it had been for days now. I wasn't healing from the bite of the monster, the one that looked so human. He seemed so fragile; I thought I could win easily against him but he was fast and the vampire had bit into my neck before I could stop it. His bite was poison, and my body was failing me. I was dying and I was alone; no one was going to come and save me this time. 

The shifting sand under my large paws had faltered and I tripped and stumbled into the ground roughly, growling lowly in frustration. I used to have the strength to tip a bus over and now I had been reduced to not even being able to keep my legs from buckling beneath my own weight. I tried to push myself back to my feet but my heart was beating so rapidly that I could hear it echoing off the red rocks. Terror and dread began to build in my chest, I hadn't eaten in probably over a month. Anything I ate, I would throw up immediately and I could barley keep water down because it tasted so heavily of iron. The gash on the side of my ribs where the vampire had punched oozed black inky blood. I had no idea how I was alive, was I really that strong to keep going like I had been? I didn't want to die, not like this! After all I had been through, it couldn't just end like this.

'Then give your body and mind fully to me. I will save us.' a raspy voice echoed withing my mind. It was the wolf. 

I snarled at the thought. I had spent months fighting off the wolf side of me, trying to keep a balance between my humanity and instincts. If I gave into the wolf, there would be no turning back for me. I would transform into a true monster; the same kind that murdered without thought or reason, the same one of peoples worst nightmares. I would no longer be able to control myself, I would loose everything that made me who I was. I would loose my personality, my heart, and even my memories. I would eventually be hunted down by the other werewolves who did not tolerate rouges that have gone feral. I stared down at the shaft of light before me, the small particles of dust floating so freely. My blood began to pool beneath me and seep into the sand. What choice did I have now? I tear slipped down my muzzle and I tightened my jaw. I didn't want to die, not before saying goodbye to my family. They had no idea where I was or what I had become. I wanted to tell them that I was okay, that I hadn't been killed like they thought. Giving up wasn't an option, but I never thought I would have to choose between giving up my life or loosing my mind. 

'Okay... Okay, I give in. Just please don't kill anyone. Please...' I begged out to the wolf. I let go of the willpower I had built up. 

Deep cackling resonated within me. 'I can't make any promises.' was the last thing I heard before a splitting jolt of adrenaline and anger tore through my body. My muscles started throbbing and my bones creaked and cracked, slitting further apart than ever before. My fangs grew even longer as they slide across my lips. I cried out in pain as the feeling of burning hot shards of glass tore through my veins. My thoughts were quickly becoming clouded and disoriented; my eyesight filled with a red tint. I tried to desperately to recall my name, to see the faces of my family members, anything! Yet... All I saw was a glimpse of His face, with such a torn look in his deep grey eyes. Probably the look he'd give me when he see's what I've become. I felt bad, I knew I was letting him down after all he had shown me, but the choice had been made and there was no turning back now. Soon there was no pain, no sadness, there was absolutely nothing. Everything went silent, and all I could see was black.

Art and Story(c) Sedillio 
The Lone Wolf: Official Reference Sheet by Sedillio
The Lone Wolf: Official Reference Sheet
For the group :iconwolfs-descent: 

This is Reference Sheet needed to join the Lone Wolves!

This is for Wolfs-Descent ONLY! You may not use it for any other purpose or group!

Artwork and Group © Sedillio/18smiths
Latreia Vouno Pack: Official Reference Sheet by Sedillio
Latreia Vouno Pack: Official Reference Sheet
For the group :iconwolfs-descent: 

This is Reference Sheet needed to join the Latreia Vouno Pack!

This is for Wolfs-Descent ONLY! You may not use it for any other purpose or group!

Artwork and Group © Sedillio/18smiths
Astrapi Keravno Pack: Official Reference Sheet by Sedillio
Astrapi Keravno Pack: Official Reference Sheet
For the group :iconwolfs-descent: 

This is Reference Sheet needed to join the Astrapi Keravno Pack!

This is for Wolfs-Descent ONLY! You may not use it for any other purpose or group!

Artwork and Group © Sedillio/18smiths
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Had to go offline everyone. My connection was too bad to continue :(


Mariah or Seddy
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Hi everybody! My name is Mariah but you can call me by my other nicknames: Akasha or Sedillio. :D I am 21 years old and I am currently live in New Mexico, USA where I'm working on earning my Nursing Degree! I love to draw animals in my part time and I'm getting better and better each year!

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